Thursday, March 21, 2013

Forward Thinking Friday: What Motivates You?

Since the completion of my Disney Princess Half Marathon, let's just say I have been very unmotivated. There are a few different factors that go into this, the main one being that this spring semester is the hardest for my graduate program. It is difficult to balance that alongside with work and personal life.
I had intentions of getting back on my fitness and healthy living bandwagon this week, but I just returned from a conference and I am still recovering from that.

So my question I pose and ask myself is what motivates you? Through a Twitter question and tips from friends I have gotten some great suggestions including:

  1. Signing up for another race (this came from my sorority sister Michelle who just finished her first full marathon, snaps!)
  2. Rewarding yourself for small goals
  3. Taking a break and finding a new activity
  4. Find someone to hold you accountable

Taking these tips this is how I plan to proceed:

  1. First, signing up for the Athleta Iron Girl 5k in Clearwater, FL on April 14th. This will be a small and achievable goal right now!
  2. Being that I want to get back onto MyFitnessPal, by running I will be able to reward myself with a good snack or dessert (Double win! Eating healthy and being able to reward myself). New running clothes are also a great motivation.
  3. I hope to get back in the pool again soon. I used to be a swimmer when I was younger and for a short period of time in high school. I enjoyed it and now that I live in Florida I can swim outside all year long!
  4. I am currently recruiting someone to hold me accountable. Any takers?

Other things I still like to do or process to stay motivated are:

  • Download a new playlist! For me, listening to a brand new playlist is enough motivation to get out of bed.
  • Think about the end result (there's that futuristic in me). What does the future look like 1 year from now? How will this activity affect my health and well being down the line?
  • Positive self talk. There is nothing more powerful!

Some other tips that were sent to me from @BeFitMotivation include:

These are all great reminders. Not to mention I'd also love to reward myself with this Marley Lilly monogrammed chevron bikini top!

What are some suggestions you have on staying motivated and re-energizing yourself? Enjoy one of my favorite motivating songs below! Happy Friday!


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