Friday, March 15, 2013

Forward Thinking Friday: What's Next?

As an individual who has done multiple leadership workshops, retreats and as someone who works at a university, I have done multiple personality-leadership style assessments to learn more about myself. One of my favorites of these though is StrengthsQuest. This test allows you to learn more about what your natural strengths are and how to focus on these rather than trying to improve your weaknesses. When you take the assessment it delivers you a report of your top 5 strengths and a description of each.

My top five are: Strategic, Responsibility, Futuristic, Positivity and Arranger

I will not go into detail now about what each of them mean, but I included a link above for you to find out more or to take it yourself. It is pretty inexpensive to take it online and it allows you to learn more about yourself, your work styles and how to use these to the best of your ability.

What I will say from this though is that my number 3, futuristic explains me to a tee and explains why Fridays will be "Forward Thinking Friday". The theme description according to StrengthsQuest is that,

"People who are especially talented in the Futuristic theme are inspired by the future and what could
be. They inspire others with their visions of the future."

 ...And that is exactly how I feel. I have always had future goals and dreams that I wanted to work for--the most recent being the half marathon. That inspired me to do more and work more. The future excites me, especially knowing that so much lies ahead of me in my journey of personal well-being, running, education and adventures. I hope I can only lead by example through my footsteps and actions to inspire others.

That all being said today's post is really what's next for me in this quest. Well today I officially registered for another half marathon in November...which is really exciting because it's the..

I am especially excited about this race because I will be running it with my dad (Papa). He is one of the greatest inspirations for me in life and I am so excited to runDisney with my dad and also have a fun family getaway for the long weekend (Veteran's Day weekend)! For now that is really what I know is definitely next. I will continually be updating the "Future Races" sections of the blog at the top as things come up. This summer I will be doing an internship and I do not know the location yet, but that is for sure going to determine some 5k and 10k races (maybe even more!). The next few weeks are about to be crazy with a conference, major assignments due, my birthday and then finally summer time. Needless to say I am excited for what lies ahead, but I need to find the balance between school work, work and a healthy/active lifestyle which is certainly a challenge!

That is it for today! How do you find balance in your life? What are some goals ahead of you?


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