Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Numbers Game

Ever since I was younger numbers were never my thing. I hated math, I hated the SATs, I hated rankings, I hated the GREs and I always, always hated the scale. I had always felt why should a number define who I am or make me any better or less of a person. It was (and still is) always an intimidating part of my doctor's visits and physicals for school.

However I realized that sometimes you just have to get on it and let yourself be vulnerable. And today I not only got on a scale but received a "Body Composition Analysis" from the InBody scale in the Wellness Center at the university I work at. What the analysis does is measure your body composition (including total body water, dry lean mass and body fat mass), your body composition analysis (including weight, skeletal muscle mass and body fat mass) and an obesity analysis looking at BMI and PBF (percentage of body fat).

Now I did not really know what to expect as I had never done this before and was facing my fears. However, what I did find out was not exactly what I wanted to hear. While this may not be good news, it is a great thing. I needed a reality to check to get me motivated and back on My Fitness Pal.

Today has not been my greatest day in awhile, however I believe that we need to have a challenge only to better ourselves to be great. It is also important to remember, while you may not be feeling great it is important to express gratitude. When I graduated in May 2012 I was heavier and very much less active than I am now, I still have come a long way since then. I am thankful for that. I am grateful for that.

Within the next few months going into summer and my second year of grad school. I expect even greater change and greater things to accomplish starting off with a potential PR this Sunday at the Athleta Iron Girl 5k.

I'm about to be 23. Let's make this year of my life a great one, starting off with loving myself, accepting vulnerability and expressing gratitude (if you have not seen Brene Brown's TED Talk I highly suggest it).

After all, age (and weight, and scores, and GPA, and everything else) is nothing but a number!

P.S-I am way to stoked to see Kelly in concert in September. 

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