Sunday, April 28, 2013

What 23 Means to Me

Sorry for the delay in posts recently. I have finished up course work for the semester and have been taking a break from a lot lately. Within the past week I turned 23 and have decided to make a list of what 23 means to me this next year...Every year I like to reflect and here is where I stand now.

23 means..

  1. Continuing to live a wholehearted and authentic life. 
  2. Continuing to strive for excellence and reaching goals.
  3. Finishing up my first year of grad school and starting my second.
  4. Having new professional experiences! (ex. Boston, UCLA, etc.)
  5. Continuing to stive for a life filled with healthy living, including losing weight and reaching fitness goals.
  6. Loving myself.
  7. Running longer distances and being able to register for a marathon by my next birthday.
  8. Going to Disney more.
  9. Really embracing Florida for one more year and exploring more and new places.
  10. Cooking more and trying new recipes. 
  11. Appreciating people in my life more.
  12. Sending more handwritten notes, cards and letters.
  13. Taking up a new hobby. Scrap booking? Photography? Playing the flute and piano again? Whatever my life allows me to do?
  14. Trying to read a new book for enjoyment once a month.
  15. Attempting to save money.
  16. Starting to look for jobs and decide where my life path will take me.
  17. Embracing and being more "in" the moment.
  18. Volunteering my time to the community more.
  19. Trying different things like skydiving and paddle boarding!
  20. Being more positive.
  21. Drinking from more local coffee shops.
  22. Running my dad's first half marathon by his side.
  23. Living it up and being grateful for everyday of my life.

While this list is eclectic and diverse, I think it speaks truly to what it means to be 23 to me. And with that being said good night!

Disney Birthday Day!

With one of my biggest fans, my mom

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