Sunday, May 26, 2013

Shipping Up to Boston

So. It has been sometime since I last blogged because I have been busy adjusting to my summer up in the Greater Boston Area.

It has been quite the adventure with a lot of food and a lot of exploring. This week I did this...

Red Sox Game

and this...

Museum of Fine Arts!

and we cannot forget a little bit of foodie adventures...


But I also did what I am here as a Department of Community Living Graduate Intern!

 Isn't it a gorgeous campus!

I am so grateful and excited for what the next few weeks has in store for me! I am excited to learn more within the housing area of student affairs and be challenged in a new environment. I am extremely blessed and lucky to have this opportunity! 

In the meantime, I start physical therapy this week for my ankle. I am looking forward to recovery and getting back on track. There are great spots to workout here in the city. I am especially looking forward to a 10 mile bike ride right into Boston on some trails with a colleague! Also I am super excited to run the Boston 10k put on by the Boston Athletic Association. There is so much pride and spirit in this city after the unfortunate events and I am excited to be a part of it!

This quote definitely describes the practicum experience. We are here to grow and become better professionals and I am so ready for this new experience.

That's it for now. I will leave you with this great Vine video my good friend Jeff took of us singing "Sweet Caroline" during the 8th inning at the Red Sox game! 



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