Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Revisiting a VISION

Last summer I had the amazing opportunity to attend the George Mason University session of LeaderShape. It was something I had always wanted to do as an undergraduate student and was so happy I finally got to be a part of it the year I graduated.

For those of you who do not know what LeaderShape is, LeaderShape is an institute that is held across the country through national sessions and at universities. Students have the opportunity to learn how to be change agents in our world and to create visions with a "healthy disregard for the impossible". Another big part of LeaderShape is also learning how to lead with integrity. 

Needless to say this program changed my life. During the month of July I will have the opportunity to reconnect with LeaderShape at the AFLV session at UCLA as an on-site coordinator. I am so excited to give back to this program as it gave so much to me.

Now, like I said the big part of LeaderShape is creating a vision. My vision during the program last year was something along the lines of:

A vision of a world where negative stigmas around mental illness were eliminated

This was something that meant a lot to me and still does. While reading the news yesterday, I was so delighted to hear that MY VISION is something that our country wants to help eliminate at the Mental Health Summit. I am feeling so inspired and grateful that this serious issue is finally being put into the spotlight. I am also inspired by the reaction from national groups who are taking action on bring this issue out more. Without stigma, people do not have to live life in silence and can be free to be who they are and get the help they need.

With that being said, this summit inspired me to take action, to do even more about it. I plan to be a find a way to be a part of conversations and dialogue on how we can make this great in our country, state, college campuses and more. I plan to continue to be an advocate and a voice for the topic. I also even signed up to volunteer with groups that help the cause to help reconnect to my vision. You too can be an advocate and a voice. I have provided some resources below for you to check out! Overall this movement, inspired me to reconnect to my vision.

And with that I am so thankful for my past opportunities that have lead me to where I am!

For more information on these topics and institutes, check out the following!:

The LeaderShape Institute

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Active Minds

#mentalhealthmatters !

My amazing LeaderShape cluster family, United Underground, May 2012

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