Wednesday, June 19, 2013

That time I met Lauren Conrad...

This is not my typical blog post, but I need to write about it.
I met Lauren Conrad.

That's right.


Ever since I was younger I was an avid Laguna Beach fan and later The Hills. When I was casually browsing Twitter on Monday (@gfrimmaudo), I saw that LC was going to be in Mass! When I checked out Google Maps it was to my surprise she was going to be at the Barnes and Noble 20 minutes from where I am currently residing.

I, of course, had to go. And I am so glad I did! Once I got there, I was a few hours early so I decided to grab some coffee and wait till I could get in line. While getting coffee I met new friends, Hannah and her mom! I told them about my blog so of course here's my shout out to them! Once we were able to get in line I started getting so excited! I thought about what I could say to her....this is how it played out.

Me: "I LOVE your blog! I read it often and use it as an inspiration for my own. You are amazing!"
LC then told me, [Disclaimer: This is not a direct quote as I do not remember the wording exactly],

"You look like a blogger! You have great style and just have the look, you're going places"

I was star struck! I still cannot believe that that happened! Here's a picture of how it went down:

Needless to say it was an amazing experience and has inspired me to blog more! I plan on incorporating my style into it more too, starting with today's #OOTD (Outfit of the Day for those who are not big into hashtags!). 

Yesterday at Old Navy I found this adorable top for 7 dollars and I had to wear it today. I combined it with a necklace from Francesca's, my Michael Kors watch, white glitter Jack Rogers and khakis from The Limited. Perfect summer outfit for a casual day at my internship! 

What are some of your favorite blogs? How do you take a great find and pair it with accessories you already have?



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