Monday, July 1, 2013

"Dwell in Possibility"

As I embark onto my last few days here in the great state of Massachusetts and the city of Boston, I cannot help but feel reflective on my past 6 weeks here and the time I have been away from Tampa.

There are some things for certain:

  • I have become a beer snob thanks to the abundance of craft beer in this city and the Harpoon brewery
  • I need to live in a city, particularly this city or Washington D.C
  • I need to come back for the Boston Marathon and be involved as a volunteer or maybe, just maybe one day a runner
  • Modern Pastry is better than Mike's Pastry
  • A Georgetown Cupcake is good no matter what city you're in
  • The incline here makes running more difficult
  • While I was in Boston for a difficult sports week (Hernandez, Celtics trade, Bruins losing, etc.), this city has the best sports pride in my humble opinion
  • Lauren Conrad and The Postal Service are just amazing
  • The Royal Family portraits at the MFA were incredible
  • The history here is incredible and one that really made me realize how much I used to love learning 
 But besides the foodie adventures, the celebrity sightings and more, this trip made me learn more about myself, my surroundings and how to truly live IN the moment, something that I proposed I would do as a 23 year old (blog post here).

For the longest time I've struggled with transition and being in new environments, but what I've learned is that it's about embracing the situation, taking it in, doing some soul searching, being completely vulnerable and more. And I did that here. With the challenge of having physical therapy and being in an apartment by myself for a bit not directly in the city, these in themselves were growing moments for me. 

I appreciate the laughs I've had with friends, the couches that were turned into a second home for weekends in the city (thanks Jamie!), the people who I worked with and taught me about a new area, the people who impacted me and probably don't realize they did, the old friends I reconnected with, my cohort members, the people who I don't think this is the last time we'll meet and more...

So Boston. This is not a goodbye, this is truly a "See You Later" because I have this gut feeling that I will be back and I will so enjoy re-visiting this post when I am.
See ya later! xox gfr

And with that....I'll leave you with this.

A Boston anthem..."Sweet Caroline"

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