Saturday, June 21, 2014

Meet Me in St. Louis


Here we are.

I am currently sitting in my *temporary* high rise apartment overlooking the St. Louis arch on a very stormy (flood warning even!) night after a weekend of work.

I am tired, semi scared (thunder is no fun alone), but most importantly...


As mentioned in my previous post ("The Whirlwind") that is exactly what this has all been. Since being in St. Louis I have:

  • Visited multiple apartments to be sold on this one. cute old hotel building with A LOT of character and in walking distance to a Starbucks, soon to be Whole Foods, a sushi restaurant and a cupcake store called "The Cup" that sells delicacies such as this....
  • Went to a Cardinals baseball game with Jeff!
  • Visited the St. Louis Arch
  • Probably gained five pounds 
  • Finished "Orange is the New Black" season 2 (priorities)
  • Visited Nelly's star on St. Louis's own version of the "Walk of Fame" (P.S-Nelly plays on my radio at least twice daily...Welcome to Nellyville?)
  • Met some incredible people, while also reuniting with my true bestie Michael
  • Joined a running club
  • Started an awesome job that I truly love!
That is a lot in a series of two weeks! But I couldn't be happier. Within transition, it is so important to recognize where you are at and what is happening. This "New Beginning" of my life is so great and it is so exciting to recognize that this is where I am at. That I am doing everything in my best interest to help my current situation.

While at times some things aren't so glamorous (i.e some of the apartment maintenance items or being scared of thunder in a high rise apartment), having some more ownership over this adult lifestyle is invigorating to me. I had been waiting so long for this day and it finally has come!

I recognize that with transition, there will be a point where I start to realize again what I have let go and what I left behind in Tampa, Virginia, New Jersey and at this point all over the world (nomad lifestyle), however I am confident that I am in a place where I am more than capable to handle this and am ready to face these things. I already have started to in some instances with a changed work schedule! By finding things to commit to, preoccupy myself with (like running and soon yoga) and immersing myself into the work life, managing transition is easier. These are tangible things I can do to help this process.

I am so excited to see where the next year takes me and am so excited to learn more about this area. So far the Midwest Hospitality has been nothing but nice! Everyone is so much nicer than New Jersey, Tampa or Virginia, it is actually so crazy!

So for now...follow me on Instagram at #GFRinSTL (of course I created a hashtag to record my first year here...) and keep checking this blog. 

Look familiar? Another great piece from 1canoe2, find them on Etsy!

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