Monday, July 28, 2014


In the midst of this transition, I have been given a lot of time to readjust my priorities, think about what is important to me, think about the kind of people I want to be around and think about how I want to "fill" that "extra" time that comes to us when we work full time.

Within these priorities, the first thing that has really been resonating with me is the amount of negative energy I surround myself with and the amount of negative energy we as human beings exert. At some point I believe that we all have been victims of this...I know for certain I can be quite the "negative nancy" at times and I don't truly believe that is who I am/should be as a person.

In this "post grad life", it has been so easy for me to think about all the things I don't have right now. I can list them off between the dishwasher, a significant other, a dog, the perfect body, etc. etc. It is so easy for me to get sucked into those behaviors and those thoughts because of all this time alone I have had (which is okay, see two posts ago!).

It also has been easy for me to be absorbed by these things when my friends from near and far feel similarly. It is so easy to just get wrapped up into a conversation that constantly feels like a vent session. We have all fallen victim to where we vent so much, but fail to ask that person how they may actually be doing, what actually did make them happy that week, what can we do to help each other out a bit? We are so retroactive vs. proactive sometimes.

Previously I have blogged about gratitude before and being thankful(see past posts Perspective and Energy for instance), however this goes beyond those things.

While it is perfectly okay to be frustrated about these "wants" or these "gaps" in our lives, it is so important to shift our priorities, examine the situation and the transition, and see what we do have, what can we control and where is our time best invested. By sitting around, texting friends about these complaints, it really hasn't done anything for all. By sitting around comparing myself to those who seem to have it all, that does not do me any good either. Everyone's path, stories and life situations are different, and that is so critical to remember.

When we accept that negativity is okay from time to time, we have to remember to see the joy in life.

We have to prioritize our needs; what will make you see that full joy?

  • Does it mean confronting our friends when their negativity seems draining?
  • Does it mean journaling in some sense or way when you feel some doubt?
  • Or can it be something as simple as a 30 minute walk with a coffee to allow you to clear your mind?
This looks different for everyone, and if I had the answers I would totally give them to you! We need to step back, breathe, and examine what we have, how we are so lucky, and accept that it is okay to be down from time to time, BUT take a step at looking how we manage those feelings.

By doing this, we can prioritize more clearly, live a more [positive] life and see joy.

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