Monday, August 4, 2014

Tiny Home, Big Heart

One major part of my transition has been moving and living by myself, without roommates for the first time EVER!

With this has come much excitement and nerves, however it has been a ton of fun.

When looking for an apartment there were a few things that were really important to me:

  • Neighborhood: I live in a cute area of St. Louis with tons of restaurants, bars, a Starbucks (non negotiable), some shops, close proximity to Forest Park where I run, and gas lantern lit streets. This neighborhood was one I fell in love with...but it came with a price leading to my next point.
  • Price: Being that I am not splitting rent with anyone, the price was extremely crucial to my budget. Luckily I found a place that was in a reasonable price range with all utilities included (except Internet), however being so inexpensive in an expensive part of town, that ended up costing me no dishwasher and no washer and dryer. Doing my laundry in the basement brings me back to freshman year of college, but it is okay! Washing my dishes constantly, well, just getting in the habit...but it's alright!
  • Safety: Being that I am in a city and this is my first time being completely alone, it was really important the building felt secure.

With all those in mind, I found my super cute, but old, falling apart studio that I am slowly and surely falling in love (one carbon monoxide scare at a time...). This studio is an old apartment from the 20s and has a lot of charm and character--just like "the Lou"!

Being in a studio has taught me the importance of maximizing my space and really making it my own home! Inspired by my good friend Laura and her cottage (check out her business, her life adventures and blog here!) I knew that I can use my artistic eye, crafty soul and love for all things gold, chevron and pink to create a *home*.

It was important for me to stick to a budget, so many items have come from Weekends Only (a discount furniture store), Home Goods,, Wayfair, Target, Goodwill and a heck of a lot DIY!

One big empty space with a whole lot of nothin'...

A kitchen that needed some lovin'

And a bathroom that was filthy...thanks Mom for scrubbing that one!

Before much decorating went into place... 
Bed and couch from Weekends Only, room divider from World Market

My bed, almost complete, need a monogram decal for above the frame.
Headboard from Wayfair, "Laugh" pillow from Home Goods, flower pillow from Amazon and the comforter set was a splurge from West Elm! Curtain is from Target

Because of limited space, a dresser became a TV stand!
Dresser from Home Goods, carpet from Joss and Main

My relaxation spot
Coffee table from, gold pillows from Marshalls, pink pillow I had from Kate Spade

A happy, sunny, yellow and gray bathroom!
Shower curtain, towels from Target, Toothbrush holder from Walmart

My favorite wall! Waiting for a fun chair to complete it. 
Picture frame from Goodwill (upcycled it), Gold Dots from Joann Fabrics, Bookshelf from Target, everything else is a conglomerate from craft stores, Etsy and fun finds.

Kitchen with my DIY cabinet backings--covered foam core with fabric and put it in the back of cabinet!

Another picture of that

My coffee *nook* with my mug collection
Cart from Way Fair, Basket from World Market, Art from Target

Microwave cart and a piece of local St. Louis art with canvas flowers I found
Cart from, art from Cherokee Street in St Louis

Made the rest of my Instagram pictures into magnets!

And last but not least, my little friend Derek.

Hope you enjoyed pictures from my little sanctuary! I've had a lot of fun decorating and making it my own! It has been enjoyable to put my creative juices into play, my arranging nature into affect and making a place where I can be myself, feel comfortable and process at the end of the day. While I had to negotiate to a full size bed and love seat, this space has made me so thankful for what I have and that I am able to live comfortably. Moving is expensive, with a little negotiation with yourself and an eye for a discount, it is easy to make it happen!