Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Close of a Year

The past few months I have not written. Quite frankly, I haven't had any ideas of what to write about or much inspiration. Despite sending the past few days home binge watching teenage dramas on Netflix, indulging in way too many holiday sweets and having a cup of cheer or two with the family, the down time has given me plenty of time to think.

The end of the year and the holiday season has a powerful effect on us to make us quite reflective, long for company and hopeful for the future. Last year, I wrote about not sticking to lists for a new year...and I definitely did that. As your typical "resolutionist", I rang in the New Year in New York City, flew back to Tampa and right that Sunday attended my first Weight Watchers meeting. In an effort to find balance and health during my job search and graduation from grad school, I thought this with a combo of attending Pure Barre classes and running would be great for me. And it was! By April I had lost a good amount of weight, ran a half marathon, had semi-okay spirits, had a few job interviews and was preparing for a month long whirlwind of a trip to Greece and Italy with my roommate Christina.

However -- as a year will happen, there are ups and downs. It is now December 27th and I can't say I am the same as I was in April. Life happens, transition happens and priorities shift. Where I am trying to go with this Saturday evening ramble is that when making a resolution for 2015 -- remember that it is okay to go off course and that we don't need a new year just to make change in our lives. Change can happen on January 1 or April 1. It is what is best for your life, we can't let the pressure of New Years Day make us as society all the sudden need to hit the gym or need to become a sudden yogi. Do things are your own pace, make your decision and know that life happens and sometimes that resolution may be lost a year later--and that's okay.

Looking back at what Facebook tells me my top moments are (since "the Facebook" seems to know all), I had a pretty amazing year. Despite all the internal ups and downs I faced, I realize I am a lucky girl, surrounded my amazing people and I can hope that 2015 can be even better. I don't currently have a resolution and I like it better that way, I need to take life one day at a time, continue to find inner peace and do good.

Happy New Years friends, may your year be prosperous and full of love.

One of my favorite memories of 2014- Milan, Italy